Week 1

This week’s reflections


I sit here on a cold day here in Jacksonville, Florida wondering why I have to take this course?  I know it is a requirement for my degree, but why did BYU-I feel it was important for me to take an entrepreneur class?  I have no intentions of ever striking it out on my own or making my own start up.   It just isn’t my ideal way of life to ever have to work as hard as say a Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or other such types of people.  I am more of 80/20 principle kind of person.  For those haven’t read or heard of this book by Richard Koch.  It states that 80 percent our positive results in life come from 20 percent of our actions.  It is a great book and I recommend it for anyone looking to streamline their lives for more effectiveness.

So how do I apply this course to my life?  Well, first the Your Entrepreneur’s Journal article caught my attention.  I actually already keep a personal journal and find it most useful for person reflections.  Like for example how to keep my actions in line with the teachings of Christ or keep track of important tasks that need to done.  Like today, I wrote down the need to start this blog for school.  I find when I take pen to actually paper it has a powerful effect on me.  It brings a true sense of mindfulness.  I remember once my grandmother quoted that “Angels will someday quote our person journals.”  I know once I write something down I am accountable for whatever I wrote.

The other thing that has been ringing in my ears from this week was the idea of not chasing the money.  As someone who wants to work in the finance sector, this is a cardinal sin!  Just kidding, I have come to believe that money is an important factor for happiness in this life.  However, is not as important as Heavenly Father covenants, good family, and time.  Money is a powerful tool and should pursue with caution.  Often in this world, we find people giving everything up for the might power of the dollar and it can tempting idea to follow.  These men and women almost always end up unhappy.  Because it does matter how much money you have as much how you use it.  If one is just hoarding it way like a scrooge all for oneself that person can never find true happiness.  But, if money is used to enrich your family equally of life, build the kingdom of God, and help lift up others.  Then one could say we have found the way money can truly buy happiness.


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