Dreaming of Bruce Wayne

This week I thought about my younger self and my childhood heroes. In the video by Randy Pausch, he spoke as though he had no fear of death. As he explains that he archive the dream in his life and found meaning. He was able to do so much because he seems to do everything in life with a vigorous passion. He seems to be supercharged with it and that is an incredible skill to have. It was once said that “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchhill. I know that to be true.
I know I have never stopped dreaming of someday becoming an action superhero. I know it is a silly childhood fantasy but as some who use to weigh 390 pounds. You have to a good imagination to believe you can get to under 250 pounds. One thought that run over and over in my mind, while I spent hours on a treadmill, doing sit ups and countless amount of sit ups was I can become Batman. I know it seems crazy, but it was the idea I kept coming back to. I knew that every workout got me a step closer to that dream.
I love Batman and always thought of him as the peak of man. I know he archived success because he work hard, not because of a super power. Don’t get me wrong I know he was the richest man in the world. Still you do not get 5 master degrees, master 26 different martial arts, and become an expert escape artist because of money. Batman is the ultimate Renaissance man and was the person I tried to take after most as a child. I find it funny that today even as a 28 I still try to think like Bruce Wayne.


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