Time is money and life is a business

This week has been rough I am not sure I really want to adult anymore. I know life goes this way sometimes and the old phrase “this too shall pass.” I must say though that doesn’t make it any easier. So my biggest takeaway is the commitments we make in life. We as Latter-day Saint make a ton of commitments; the temple, church attendance, and other such things. Then there all life commitments; marriage, school, and work. Lastly, there are the personal ones like working out, reading more often, and other such noble pursuits. I ask where are we supposed to find the time?
I know now there is time to do these things. We are here in this life to commit to the important things and learn to leave then unimportant things behind. I know I made it sound like I didn’t have the time to do all those things earlier but it is untrue. I have to learn to give up the unimportant like TV, whining about the problems and lastly lusting after things I do not need or ready for. There this so much time free when I give up these things. The only thing we have in this life that really matters is our time. We must spend it wisely. I liken it unto what Frank Levinson talk about putting our own money into the business. Our lives are our business and our time is our money. How well we spent our money is how our business goes.


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