This week my class ask me to answer some questions rather than my normal rantings so here we go.


If you pursue your calling with discipline, intentionality, and the help of fellow travelers, what are the chances that your worst case scenario will really happen?


If I followed my true calling.  I think I end up right back where I am now in a nine to five job that is stable and supports my family.  I know I am not the type allow myself ever allow failure to overwhelm me.  There is always a why out with hard work and The Lord help.  Crushing debt goes away and failures past with time as along you keep believing in yourself and keep doing the right things.  It is more important to do the right thing and get the wrong result then it is to do the wrong thing and get the wanted result.


As you look at your list of fears, what themes emerge? What is at the core of what you really fear? Financial ruin? The judgment or disapproval of others? Physical harm Endangering the ones you love? Embarrassment?


I more afraid of the idea of being embarrass because I tried the wrong business.  This kind of fear has caused to me to put off college all my life until now.  I do not want to be stuck in the wrong career in life.  This crushing fear for me because I have seen people who hate their jobs and are so unhappy that I wonder why then even get up in the morning.  I have come understand that this might be a workplace problem, however.


What is the risk of taking no action – not following your calling? How do you plan to deal with fear when it pops up on your entrepreneurial journey?


I know what can happen when you do nothing.  This kind of inaction has me to be stuck in a Wal-Mart career for 10 years.  This was I was too afraid of failing at college.  I know Wal-Mart is a great company and there is no shame working there, but I know I can do more than this.   It is the safe and easy path, but I have grown to detest this.  I didn’t lose 150 pounds because I took the easy path.  I didn’t get over my dyslexia fears and start college because it was the safe path. My desire in life to create a life where my family is financially independent and can serve The Lord with all his might, that is my guiding compass.  I want a life where I can help others and where my family doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck.  I know I can archive this with hard work and The Lord’s help.  Because to him, these are noble and worthy goals.


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