where to go from here

When I started this course I did for the idea that I needed for my degree and really wasn’t interested in starting a business.  I always thought this wasn’t for me because I didn’t want to work that hard or never wanted to take that risk.  The more and more I think about it, I […]

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money never sleeps

There are lots of ways to make money, however there aren’t a lot of ways of changing the world. I know I have no idea how I will change the world. I know I want to help it a better place and create a better version for the future, but how? Every plan I have […]

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This week I want to talk about how small differences can make a world of importance.  There is a great story Tony Ribbons once told (link below) about how him playing golf.  He was out on the course with his teacher trying to learn the game and he was doing terrible.  Tony was starting to […]

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starting a new road

My biggest take way this week was from the video a hero’s journey. In this life many of us will not look for an entrepreneurs calling. I know personal I do really wish to when I started this class. I really do not want the pressures and trials of owning a business. I have to […]

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