starting a new road

My biggest take way this week was from the video a hero’s journey. In this life many of us will not look for an entrepreneurs calling. I know personal I do really wish to when I started this class. I really do not want the pressures and trials of owning a business. I have to realize more and more as I work as a manager at Wal-Mart I do want this. I go into my departments everyday looking for the best ways to make them successful and how do I become number 1. I am starting to realize that I no longer want to make some else successful.
Now, I am not greedy but I want more value out of my work. It is important to me to do meaningful and powerful work. I will spent most of my best years of my life working. Time is my most valuable asset time. I must put this to go use. I do not want to waste any more time in this life. I do not know what my entrepreneurs calling is yet. But I’m choosing to take actions to make it clear to me. This week I am asking my wife, mother, grandmother to help me. I will hope to have the results soon and please stay tune.


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