This week I want to talk about how small differences can make a world of importance.  There is a great story Tony Ribbons once told (link below) about how him playing golf.  He was out on the course with his teacher trying to learn the game and he was doing terrible.  Tony was starting to get upset at his performance and ask the teacher what he was doing wrong.  His response to Tony was “you’re only a millimeter off.”  Tony was shocked, his teacher explained further that when he hit the ball one millimeter this way you’re in the water, millimeter this way into the sand, but the right way leads to the green.

Mr. Robbins take away from this lesson was what an amazing set of beliefs; that no matter how bad things are going you’re only a millimeter or 2 off from turning things around.  I think about all things I have overcome in my life.  My weight loss wasn’t me making a lifestyle change.  I just changing three things; drop soda, workout 4 times a week (something I love doing) and calorie count.  These three changes took me from a 380 pounder to 197.  When we are in the midst of trails or hard times it is important to remember that we aren’t that far off.  We just have to make small and meaningful changes to get through them.






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