money never sleeps

There are lots of ways to make money, however there aren’t a lot of ways of changing the world. I know I have no idea how I will change the world. I know I want to help it a better place and create a better version for the future, but how? Every plan I have involves making a ton of money and using that power of the mighty dollar to create change. This sounds like the worst super villain plan ever. I am waiting for Lex Luther to come out and give me a high five. Maybe, Tony Stark come along and destroy my secret lair with a snarky one-liner.
But there so many ways to change the world with money. Because money can buy happiness. Think about it, with money we can build churches, feed the hungry, and even build temples. Money isn’t the be all and end all, but it is important. This why I want to learn finance because I believe money use the right way will change the world. I could be that man that help feed the poor. I could be the money to help the church build a temple in Jacksonville. Money will open the doors I could never image for myself.


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