I have been giving much thought towards my life and career. I was interview for a promotion this week and while I do not know if I will get the job yet. I know I did well and I am proud of how well the interview went. This interview leads me to a chance to help one of my workers careers.
In my Department, there is an older man who helps me. Tom (the gentleman) has been working for the company for 5 years and always at part-time. He is a tough and hard working person. I could never understand why he has been put at for time or furthermore has been interview for a manager job like me. With the possibly of me leaving soon, I ask him if he would be interested in taking over if I leave. He responded that yes he really need more money. I asked if he had passed the supervisor test? He said no and that what was holding back.
So I offer to come in on my night off and help him with the test. I went in around 7:00 pm last and was able to him pass. I remember, to be honest I didn’t do much just made a few small suggestions because he knew most the answer himself. But he was so grateful someone came in and help him. I was proud to help and I hope that someday with my own company I can do this for everyone who works with me.


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