This week I was proud of the chance to reconnect to my grandfather.  My grandpa and I haven’t really ever connected.  He has always lived in Florida for my entire life and I didn’t live in Florida until I was 18.  My mother and he even though they are so much alike, they stop talking right before we move here.   I actually think the last time I spoke to him person to person was when my Father pass away 8 years ago.  I have never known this man.  I have heard the stories from my Mother and Uncles that describe the legend to me that he seemed to be.  On the other hand there also the stories of him falling away from The Church.  How his down fall help lead to all my uncles to leave the church.

Because of this, I have felt that my Mother and Grandmother have kept me away from him on some levels.  Sort of a like a Luke and Darth Vader dynamic.  They did want me to influence by his fall.  But what I learned was a man who isn’t evil or dark, but a bright and loving man.  He is proud of my promotion and my school work.  He loves that fact I become a good man and also working hard to provide for my family.  Because those are the value that drove him.  I feel like found a new mentor to look to.


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