My biggest take away this was how much I have to be grateful for in my life. This I was promoted into a new job that allows me to take care of my wife and I. We also now get to move to a new area and maybe even buy a house now.
Heavenly Father and Christ have given my so much. While I know I worked hard for this I know they were the ones who bless with this. I truly feel humbled by this chance and I will do my best. Actually, I will do better than my best and I will become the best manager in the company.
I know the path that lies ahead will have trials and tough times, but I am ready to step to those challenges. I know that with my Savior’s help that no one, but myself can hold me back.

What is your attitude toward money?
My attitude towards money is one that is it a tool. It can be used for both good and evil. We know how to use it for evil but, think of the good. We can use the money to build temples, fund missions, or even save lives. Money is one the greatest tool in my toolkit.

How can your view of money affect the way you live?
I have a health view on money. I feel that because I see it as a wonderful tool. That I can be trusted to never abuse it. Money is not the most important thing in life but it does help.

What rules are recommended for prospering?

Rule 1. Seek the Lord and have hope in him
Rule 2. Keep the commandments, that includes the temporal ones, tithing and fast offerings.
Rule 3. Think about money and plan how you can become self-reliant.
Rule 4. Take advantage of chances for learning so you will not be ignorant of these matters.
Education, as President Hinckley has taught us, is the Key to Opportunity.
Rule 5. Learn the laws upon which the blessings of wealth are predicated.
Rule 6. Do not send away the naked, the hungry, the thirsty or the sick or those who are held


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