lots of questions

Based on what you read in the first two pages (pages 3 and 4), why are virtue and integrity so vital to an economy?  To put it best “Markets rely on rules and laws, but those rules and laws, in turn, depend on truth and trust. Conceal truth or erode trust, and the game becomes so unreliable that no one will want to play. The markets will empty and share prices will collapse as ordinary people find other places to put their money.”  Charles Handy, Harvard business review.


According to Charles Handy, what is the “real justification” for the existence of businesses?

It real justification is to make a profit in their chosen field and to find the best way both morally and effectively.


What are two solutions proposed by Handy that you agree with? Why?

  • I do agree that business owners must start running their companies with a soul. By that I mean not for profit but also with morals
  • Second I feel that companies should not be basing pay so much of stock options. I know this meant push, top executives, to make the company more profit, but also makes them take short cuts and leave out details.


I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed this class.  I have actually found it inspiring.  I, at first, started this class because it was a requirement and never intending to open up my own business.  Because I felt that wasn’t my kind of lifestyle.  But now I as I think more and more about I see myself trying to go on this kind of career path.  I believe more and more that I want to run my financial firm.  That I want to have a life where I control my own destiny and be a job creator.  I am grateful for this class.


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