learning week 13

This week I would like to bring up how much I have learned this class and how to deal with what appear massive in the moment, but actual just small step backs in the long haul. I think about these last two weeks about my training and me much I have been thinking about how hard this is going to be. But as I have been studying my trainers and seeing how they work, I realize that if these people can do this why not me?
I think has been my main take away. That I read and watch all these videos about these awesome startups or people who founded their own companies and think once again why not me? They can’t be that smarter or hard working than me. So what is holding down to this idea of not starting my own business? I realize that it is fear of failure. That is a valid excuse to many, but for me, this is no longer enough. I am not saying I am going to go in on Monday and quit my job, but now I will seek after chances to look to build my own empire in something I am truly passion it about.


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