This week I want to talk about how small differences can make a world of importance.  There is a great story Tony Ribbons once told (link below) about how him playing golf.  He was out on the course with his teacher trying to learn the game and he was doing terrible.  Tony was starting to […]

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starting a new road

My biggest take way this week was from the video a hero’s journey. In this life many of us will not look for an entrepreneurs calling. I know personal I do really wish to when I started this class. I really do not want the pressures and trials of owning a business. I have to […]

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This week my class ask me to answer some questions rather than my normal rantings so here we go.   If you pursue your calling with discipline, intentionality, and the help of fellow travelers, what are the chances that your worst case scenario will really happen?   If I followed my true calling.  I think […]

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Dreaming of Bruce Wayne

This week I thought about my younger self and my childhood heroes. In the video by Randy Pausch, he spoke as though he had no fear of death. As he explains that he archive the dream in his life and found meaning. He was able to do so much because he seems to do everything […]

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Week 1

This week’s reflections   I sit here on a cold day here in Jacksonville, Florida wondering why I have to take this course?  I know it is a requirement for my degree, but why did BYU-I feel it was important for me to take an entrepreneur class?  I have no intentions of ever striking it […]

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